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My experience having a ceremony with Yanique anchored a lot of the healing work I'd been doing with myself for some time. It's been pivotal in activating my abilities and conquering a new growth-edge. Yanique was accommodating to my specific needs and created a vibrant container for our mutual energies. I am so grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone taking responsibility for their lives!

Julia S.

The first thing I noticed about Yanique was her warm, inviting, and calming presence. Even during our correspondence before the ceremony, I could feel her energy and tell the amount of thought she puts into each ceremony. Throughout our session together, we covered many topics and an array of activities. It was fun to move through different things and Yanique always made sure that it was going at a pace that felt comfortable to me. Her ability to hold space, especially virtually, was beautiful and it made me feel safe and comfortable to not only go deep with her but also myself. I felt lighter, more clarity, and an overall sense of presence after our session together. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking clarity but most importantly nurturing and healing within their life. Yanique is a beautifully gifted soul who is sharing so much light with the world.


The Channeling Class really helped me to get more comfortable in my body with it and let go of some of my ideas of what I thought it should be and be open to let it come through my individual body. Since the class, I've been talking to my beings and it's a very personal thing for me. Since the class, I feel they are ever-present around me and I've been able to work them into my daily life. The benefits of channeling are that it gives you an intimate relationship with something so vast and expansive that you feel less alone and feel supported the entire way.


I never expected for me to be channeling, but I was open to it. The channeling class allowed me to expand my consciousness in a way to know my multidimensional self. It's life-changing! The class was new each session and never boring, but also had practical tools and activities to ground the practice. It helps people if you have a fear of death or anxiety about life & living. It allows you to feel more comforted in knowing that things don't just end here but there is an eternal part of you that you can connect with.

Koko L.

I recently attended a lunar cacao ceremony, which included not only the cacao ritual itself, but energy healing provided through Yanique, brief meditation and Qi Gong exercises, insightful information, a powerful prompted journaling exercise, and heartfelt discussion and sharing amongst the small group in attendance, who felt like family by the end. A wonderful experience! But the ceremony was just the beginning.

Yanique told us that the spirit of the cacao would continue to work with us through the night and into the following day. The next morning, as I was finishing my daily Reiki self-healing practice, someone came into my mind who is very important to me, but with whom I have had a strained and distant relationship, and towards whom I have felt my heart has been locked and resistant for years. As the thought of this person entered my awareness, my heart chakra burst open and started pouring out intense pain, anguish, sorrow, and regret over how I have been in relation to this person, yet at the same time filling with immense and overwhelming love, gratitude and compassion for her. I was sobbing tears of both joy and sorrow for a long time. Since that time, my heart has remained open and I am moving steadily forward with healing not only my relationship with that person but with many of my family members, as well. I have no doubt that the spirit of the cacao helped facilitate this unexpected heart healing.

I am so grateful to The Consciousness Doula for providing the tremendous gift of this medicine and creating a space for spiritual and emotional healing.


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