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"Our awakening journey is about coming home to ourselves" ~ Yanique


I've been a seeker ever since I can remember. I was that teenager who found it fascinating to look up all the world's religions to compare and contrast them. A Jamaican-born immigrant, my childhood took me through three countries, four states, and five cities. With each move, I learned more about myself by remaining open and curious about my community. After graduating from University with a degree in Cinematic Writing ~ my personal challenges sent me on a more committed spiritual path in search of purpose and understanding. 

I've been practicing yoga asana since I was introduced to it in a Community College class at nineteen years old. My practice went off and on for years before I committed to a daily practice and found myself delving deeper and deeper with each session. I started Channeling in 2017 and with the gentle yet firm guidance of my Inner-Being and ancestors I've grown immensely in my awakening journey. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, an avid reader, and am deeply passionate about transforming our community's spiritual wellness through this work. It is with great satisfaction and reverence that I serve as a Healing Practitioner at The Consciousness Doula.

Through the path of Yoga, Meditation,  Plant Medicine, and trust in the present moment I answered the call to be of service. I know this work is beyond transformative because of the effect it has had on my own life experience. Every program and piece of content I create comes directly from my heart and expertise. I am honored to share what has aided me on my path so that you too will be empowered to dive deeper within and live from the depths of your own being nature ~ allowing the waters of compassion, goodwill, and well-being to flow freely.

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